XXX (sew_my_lips) wrote,

True Friends

Ok I was going to originally delete my friends list and start from scratch but I decided to go the cheap route and start a brand new, fresh journal. I've had this one for what, 4 years now? and my previous I had a good 2 years I believe. Everyone is welcome to stay on my friends list so they can sort through my random blurbs but by tomorrow, I will have a new name. Please, comment if you would like to be added to my new journals friends list because I think I'm going to start completly from scratch

Also, name suggestions would be great haha. preferably lyrics from a song. Like my current user name is from a Jack Off Jill song. I have so many bands I listen to, most recently though alot of Brand New, Dashboard Confessional, Mxpx, Hawthorne heights, Underoath, things of that nature. I'll settle for anytihng as long as it's kick ass and fits with who I am. And no I wont do Miss Kitty Kill I overuse that as it is :P
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