XXX (sew_my_lips) wrote,

Open letter to a jackass not done hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...Oh Matt you think you can lie to me. How wrong you are. It's funny you told me you broke it off with Chrystal because Kat was better. It's damn hysterical that Damion was on the phone when Chrystal DUMPED YOUR ASS because you were cheating on her with Kat. And from what I hear you are still jobless and don't have youre own place, rather you are leeching off of Kat at her place. And you are damn lucky Damion is getting locked up otherwise his ass would be here when you got your shit and I know damn well he would kick your ass. I find it funny that he is 19 and calls your ass out but you wont fight him. Good times all around. Oh and if you tell me you love me like you did on the phone again, I will bust you in the jaw. It's fucking over. Grow the fuck up. You mean very little to me if anything at all anymore. You and Kat sound like you are made for each other. Stick to her. Im sure shes dumb enough to love someone like you. Oh and before we get into this game...Yes I still live with my dad blah blah blah. Thats the best shit you can talk? Because atleast I pay fucking bills and I dont rely on everyone else to take care of me. So you need to come get your pictures...which by the way will be outside the day you decide to come over because you are not allowed in my house and hopefully you will be smart enough to take them and just leave. Incase youre not I am going to try like hell to make sure one of my guy friends is over should you try shit. Im not big enough to fight you myself but I know plenty of guys that are. So I suggest you take the smart route and just get your stuff and leave. And yes youre paintings are all that are left. You have nothing else here and should i find something, i will give it to you. I dont want anything of yours so believe me I will get rid of it. So please just get your shit and get out of my life. Im done with your games.


I had more i wanted to update about but this sent me into a rage so ill update again later i suppose
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